Review: L'unico Laboratory High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum

Everyone knows that a good base will improve the quality of your makeup, and dull skin in the Winter can be a bit of a drag. Therefore, I'm a big fan of Vitamin C, and I was quite excited when I was sent the L'unico High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum!

L'unico (which means The Only One in Italian) Laboratory uses nano-sized ingredients to allow for better penetration, which means that they don't just skim the surface. Every product also uses a minimal of 0.1% natural oils or plant extract to allow for excellent absorption. Another bonus is that their products all come in packaging that is 100$ light resistant, which means that the active ingredients in these babies won't degrade due to exposure to light or oxidation.

I've been using the High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum, and absolutely loving it! This comes in a pump bottle that dispenses a small amount of the product at a time, and I find two pumps to be sufficient for the face and neck. This has an almost oily texture, but is light and gets soaked up by the skin quickly. I love the luxe nature of this bottle as well - dark and heavy, and looks good on the side of the bathroom sink!

After using this steadily for weeks, my skin feels smoother and definitely looks brighter. Vitamin C is amazing on my skin, not to mention that not having to worry about the quality of my serum going downhill, thanks to it breaking down over time, is just awesome, due to their packaging! 

This particular skin saviour retails for $100, and you can find out more about the company over here. Now, excuse me while I squeeze every last drop out of this!

Have you tried anything from L'unico Laboratory before? What's your favourite serum?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration