How To: Save Space While Packing For Your Trip Part 2 (Travel 3)

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and make sure you're all settled in nicely, because we have more travel size products to run through! We're about to hit one of my favourite, and most readily available, type of travel products - haircare!

Bhave has consistently been one of my favourite haircare brands since I was introduced to it a while ago, and would you believe, they make minis so that you can take them away with you, and they are literally the cutest things, because they are exactly the same as the grown up bottles, but just look like they've been hit with a shrinking ray! Trust me when I say that the range is HUGE and you can get them in:
Hydrator moisturising shampoo and conditioner
Bombshell Blonde moisturising shampoo and conditioner
Magnify volumising shampoo and conditioner
Scalp shampoo and conditioner
Rescue intense repair shampoo and conditioner

You can even find them in kits, such as the one pictured, with their Rescue shampoo and conditioner, deep intense conditioning masque, leave in creme and riot control oil, which, incidentally, is the more amazing hair oil - light, hydrating and easy on the tresses. For those looking after their curls, they also have a travel size curl defining creme, and Gunpowder, which is first and foremost a volume booster for the tresses, and also does a quick fix as a dry shampoo for greasy roots.

Did you know that Natura Siberica now comes in a beautiful little kit? It contains 4 items, which are a shampoo, conditioner, body milk and shower gel. While this is technically not just a haircare kit, I thought I'd put it in this category, given that I primarily love, and repurchase, their haircare products.

Sebastian also carries little travel size goodies, like these two cuties here that are of different colours so you don't get confused as to which is which. They even have a volume boosting mousse, which I'm looking forward to trying!

If you've met up with me after work, or seen me at an event after a long day, then you'd know that I've got a little hair secret that keeps it looking decent, and that is R+Co! Their dry shampoo is da bomb (not pictured), and they also carry little traditional shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as a very cool cleansing foam conditioner. They also have styling products, such as a salt spray, thickening spray and flexible hairspray.

I like being organised when I'm living out of a suitcase, as you never know when you're going to need something that's squirrelled away. Having specific pouches for makeup/skincare/other bits and bobs will help keep the madness at bay! Enbacci has a pouch that you could turn into part of your outfit (a 2 for 1!), while Sephora has one that is TSA approved, so you can travel domestically in the States with it, instead of ziplock bags.

Makeup remover:
Everyone knows that wipes are a traveller's best friend - no place for a shower, but need freshening up? Wipes! Have makeup on, but need it off in a jiffy? Wipes! Sticky fingers that need un-stickifying? Wipes! You get the picture, right? There are tons of choices, and I can't pick between Bioderma and QV, so these two packs may be following me on my trip!

Alternatively, if you're after a more traditional means of makeup removal, you can always pack a little bottle of micellar water, such as this bottle of loveliness from Bioderma! If you have eye makeup that is stubborn and hard to remove, try BYS Makeup Remover Wands for this.

Phew! I'm sure there are tons of other travel products I haven't mentioned yet - talk about skimming the surface! I'd love to hear your suggestions, so get them going, and send them over! In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with these gems from more bloggers that I know and love - make sure you check them out!

"For items that are prone to damage, place them in shoes for protection." - Bernadette at Beauty Reign (side note - also a good excuse to buy shoes while on holidays)

"Always pack at least one makeup palette that can be a multi-tasker - I use the ABH contour palette for contouring and highlighting, as well as a setting powder, and the browns can be used as eyeshadow and on the brows." - Trang at Doanerfide

"Research where to get cash out and make sure you tell your bank that you're travelling! Banks may block your card otherwise, and I got caught a few times having to use my card in shops and getting whacked with bank fees!" Jasmine at Sweetaholic Beauty

Safe travels and tag me in your travel posts!

*These products were provided for editorial consideration