How To: Battle Dry Skin This Winter

I know that I'm very, very blessed to have my skin. It's quite normal and it rarely experiences breakouts no matter what I eat - it's definitely been an excellent barrier against the assault of regular cream/serum/oil changes!

I do have my moments, of course, because nothing in life is perfect, right? As such, I'll be honest and tell you that that my skin does occasionally react badly to certain things, and those are things that are beyond my control. What are those things, you ask? Those things are the weather! The climate can be incredibly harsh, and Winter tends to be when my skin needs a bit of extra TLC.

Let's start by talking about the skin on your face. Those who know me are aware that I have a little bit of eczema, and that this seems to flare up in certain weather, particularly when I'm stressed. Moisturising seems to really help, and as such, I tend to go heavy on the lotions when the occasion calls for it.

QV is a brand that I come back to regularly, not least because they are good with skin that flares up intermittently. The moisturising night cream is perfect for letting the skin recovery from daily assaults overnight, while the ultra calming moisturiser (see full review here) has been fantastic for a hydration boost this Winter.

For those who don't enjoy the feel of a rich cream, SkinCeuticals has you covered (literally!) with their Hydrating B5 Gel. You can use this as a serum, either under or with your moisturiser, and let the effects of the hyaluronic acid set in, giving that skin a moisture boost.

Are you aware that Rohr Remedy's lip balm is their number one best selling product in New York? Who can blame them for falling for such an authentically Aussie product? Their lilly pilly and omega 3 face moisturiser is enriched with Australian ingredients to help with restoring the balance of the skin - also excellent for the end of Winter, where it segues into Spring and unpredictable weather.  

Don't just rely on moisturisers and serums - make use of masks too! DNA Renewal's DNA restoring mask promises to brighten the skin, eliminating dullness - much needed at this time of the year! For those low on time, make use of something like a sleep pack, such as the Clinelle hydracalm sleeping mask - how genius is it that you can do a mask in your sleep?

Don't neglect your body - scales is for fishes, not legs. QV's intensive cream will have you forgetting what dry skin feels like. If you already moisturise, but your skin still feels dry, add a little Bio-Oil to the lotion for a bit of extra hydration. Bio-Oil, of course, can also be used to battle dry skin on it's own - I particularly like it for my elbows.

Weleda's skin food should be known to all and sundry - I believe this was once mentioned by Victoria Beckham to be amazing for skin, and it's not hard to see why. This stuff can be used on particularly dry surfaces, and when I've travelled with it before, I've used it as a mask for when my skin needed a bit of extra loving after being on planes.

Speaking of multitaskers, SkinCeuticals' hydra balm is meant to used on places that are compromised or severely dehydrated. For someone with eczema that pops up sporadically, and often without warning, this is definitely a good thing to have around the house!

While we're on the topic of sensitive/dry skin, I thought this would be a good time to bring up The Body Shop's Almond Milk and Honey range. Exfoliating doesn't have to mean scrubbing off all the skin cells you have, you can be gentle with your skin by using the gently exfoliating cream scrub from the range. Also, if you're into long dips in the tub, know that this can dry your skin too, and you can combat that with their calming and caring bath milk.

I don't know about you, but my hands can get incredibly this time of year. In fact, when I lived in Canada, I had many moments of really cracked skin that led to bleeding of the knuckles - most unpleasant! As such, I moisturise my hands regularly, and The Body Shop's British rose hand cream is just divine on the skin! For those suffering from severely dry hands, like I used to, Bioderma's Atoderm ultra repair hand cream is an excellent hypoallergenic alternative. 

If it's your cuticles that need a little bit of extra attention, then cuticle oil is your friend! Brands like Jurlique and Weleda have luxe versions that make you feel like you're pampering yourself a little bit, but Sally Hansen has to be the real winner with their 18K gold cuticle eraser! A bit of an oldie, but no less of a goodie! 

I carry a lip balm around with me at all times, even at work, because my lips are always in danger of peeling (sorry, TMI). Natralus has practically been living in my work jacket pocket, and I alternate between the essential paw paw lip balm and the strawberry one - after all, isn't variety the spice of life?

Given how popular the Rohr Remedy gumbi gumbi lip balm is meant to be, it would be remiss of me to not mention it! Gumnb Gumbi is supposed to have antibacterial properties, and this baby also has castor oil, lanolin and vitamin E for all that smooth goodness. Bioderma is excellent for those seeking something simple, yet effective. Their Atoderm restorative lip balm is hypoallergenic and soothes dry, chapped lips.

Lastly, let's not forget that our hair suffers in this weather too! Even when the days are bright and beautiful on the outside, being around heaters all day can really dehydrate your hair. Schwarzkopf is definitely one of my favourite brands on the market for drugstore hair care - their range extends from serums to oils and leave-in treatments. It's almost impossible to not find something appropriate for your hair!

John Frieda has long had frizz ease on the market, but I didn't know that they had an argan oil based hair oil too! This sounds like it would be most appropriate for those who battle the frizz too - a bit of a multitasker! Speaking of multitaskers, I love that even hair has BB creams now, such as this one from Pantene! A 10 in 1 do it all cream, this stuff promises to defrizz, detangle and hydrate the tresses - I'm wonder if it can pull a rabbit out of a hat too? It does sound pretty amazing!

If you're after something that you can use as an extra treat for your hair, then Weleda's oat replenishing treatment might be just right! This is a hair mask that you leave on for 5 - 10 minutes before washing out, and I personally feel that you should have one in your regular regime no matter what!

I hope this post has give you an idea of what products are available on the market to combat the Winter blues! Remember, take care of your skin, and it will take care of you! 

What's your favourite dry weather product?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration