Review: Organic Island Nourishing Hand Creme

Who here loves hearing about new brands? I know I do! I would certainly put my hand up every time, even though I do have a certain amount of brand loyalty, because after all, variety is the spice of life, right?
Organic Island is a company that uses 100% natural and certified organic ingredients to create their products. They even have two organic certifications, and they are free of animal testing, petrochemicals and petroleum. Additionally, they also don't include parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances and silicones - perfect for those who worry about them! They are also formulated so that they are meant to be absorbed more efficiently than their synthetic alternatives, which is something that I definitely appreciate in skincare!

From the range that I was sent, I picked the Nourishing Hand Creme to use on a regular basis, and I've been enjoying it ever since I started applying it every evening! 

This comes in a white tube with a flip lid, and contains 100ml of product. This contains organic lycii berry, rosehip, avocado, olive leaf, Vitamin E and macadamia - formulated to help hydrate and protect the hands. This is meant to have the scent of ylang, sandalwood and sweet orange, but smells just faintly of dampened down citrus to me - kind of a healthy fragrance, if you know what I mean. The lotion itself comes out cream coloured, and this disappears after a bit of rubbing. This has a medium consistency, which means that it's not runny, but does get absorbed relatively easily, which is excellent.

I love that this leaves my hands feeling softer overnight, but that I don't have to sit around for 10 minutes, flapping my hands while waiting for it to dry. It retails for $42, and this would be appropriate for people who don't like that 'really lotioned' feel after application.

You can find out more about Organic Island over here.

Have you tried anything from Organic Island before? Did you know that they also have baby care products in their line?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration