Review: Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara and Brow This Way Powder

Rimmel's latest offerings have my peepers looking brighter and my brows coming through bolder than before. If you're curious about how these babies perform, make sure you read on!

Let's start with their Brow This Way Filling Powder! This baby comes in 4 different shades, including blonde, light brown, dark brown and soft black. The applicator is a soft, thin brush that allows you to draw along the brows in a mostly precise manner. The powder is quite pigmented, and the dark brown (pictured) has a bit of a red tint to it. 

I found the applicator a little tricky to work at first, and I ended up with way too much powder, which went everywhere - definitely not so great when the powder is crazy pigmented! This got better once I started tapping the extra powder off the applicator before placing it on the skin, so make sure you do that! I've also used an angled brush on the brows, and I found that this allowed me to control how little or how much powder I wanted to actually use - a good alternative to using the provided applicator! What I do like about this is that it sticks to the skin really well, and I can do some really dramatic brows with it, or use a light hand to get something less bold.

I'm interested in seeing how the black would work on me, so hold tight - I might be able to report back on that at some point! This retails for $14.95.

I'm going to talk about my latest go-to mascara now, and I need you guys to hang on tight, because Rimmel has done it again! The first of it's kind, this has a patented shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it's needed. How cool does that sound?

This is a water-gel mascara that is a combination of water and waxes, going from dry to creamy when the cylindrical agitator is is activated by shaking. Just pick up the mascara, shake it at least times, then use it as per usual. I really like that this mascara isn't smudgy on me, and that it does give me a volume boost. This comes in a big tube green tube, and the brush is medium-sized and works well at spreading the mascara over the lashes. This baby retails for $18.95, and to me, it's worth every penny! I love this mascara!

Just remember to change your mascara every three months! I know I've gone on about conjunctivitis and eye infections with old mascaras in the past, but, it's not an urban legend! I legitimately know a girl who had a very severe infection related to an old mascara, so if that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you, let me see what I can do in the way of rustling up a picture for a visual!

You can find them wherever Rimmel is stocked, including Priceline, Target and Big W! 

Have you tried these babies out yet? What are your thoughts?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration


  1. I was hoping to read a review on this mascara. I am glad to hear that it is good, not just a gimmicky product! xx

    Indie // In Search of the Holy Grail


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