Review: The Makeup Factory (TMF) Lipsticks

If you're like me, you'd be new to The Makeup Factory (TMF), and feeling like you've been missing out - until this point! 

Firstly, who is The Makeup Factory? TMF is an Australian-owned brand that is the brainchild of one woman, who created a cruelty free line with earth friendly packaging. While they are Australian owned, they are transitioning so that they will also become 100% Australian made, which is pretty awesome! Their range extends from tools to lip products, as well as base makeup, all of which look pretty awesome!

I got the chance to try out 2 of the 10 shades in the lipstick range, including Stevie (nude on the left) and Bianca (orange based red on the right). These are vegan (which is great, because it works due to the fact that they inevitably end up getting eaten off the lips, and also that it's cruelty free and doesn't have animal products in it), and they come in a great matte black case. These cases match with the fact that the finish is also matte!

These contain jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, rose oil and candelilla wax as an alternative to beeswax. These ingredients all come together to make the lipsticks smoother to work with, another bonus for matte lipsticks!

I like that they are both relatively pigmented, having two completely different shades to compare, and while they don't glide on, they do run over the lips quite easily without tugging. I also love that they stain the lips a bit, particularly Bianca, which means less application for someone like me (ie lazy)! They are also definitely not drying on me, which is great, and I don't find this to feather around the outlines of the lips.

These retail for $37 each, and you can find them over here. I'm interested to try out more from the line, particularly their brow products!

Have you tried anything from TMF before? What's your favourite matte lipstick?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration