Review: Divine Company Body Scrub and Naturally Bronze

As Winter starts to kick in, and the days get shorter and darker, not to mention colder, the idea of basking in the sunshine starts to fade, just like your tan. However, it doesn't mean that you can't work on your tan right now - your fake bake, that is!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been testing out this little duo from The Divine Company, which is an Australian company created in Northern NSW. They have a decent array of certified organic skincare and baby products, including some sun-safe tanning! 

Let's start with the scrub! Both of them come in minimalistic light grey tubes with flip lids, each of them containing 150 ml of product. The scrub has the right amount of grittiness to it that feels like it isn't scratching the skin, but actually doing what it's meant to, which is exfoliating! It also doesn't feel like it leaves a film on the skin, but also doesn't dry it out, which means that this is the appropriate match as part of your pre-tanning prep! I wouldn't mind this being a little more densely packed with walnut pieces even (which is the grit), but it's pretty good as is. Additionally, this has aloe vera and shea butter in it, which is why the skin feels moisturised. This also looks like it should smell of coffee, but instead, has a slightly sweet scent to it,

The Naturally Bronze Gradual Tanner comes out white, and it gets absorbed into the skin relatively easily. I love that this is not streaky on my skin, and that there's a difference just after two applications! This has a mildly sweet scent, similar to the scrub's, and it also contains shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil, all designed to keep the skin soft and smooth. This tanner is meant to develop over 6 hours, and I applied this after my shower daily for a week, and found an obvious difference between the start of the week and the end of it. Just make sure that you're fastidious about washing your hands after applying this, or using gloves, because this stuff will stain your palms!

Right now, if you use the code 'winterglow' when purchasing the Naturally Bronze Gradual Tanner, you'll receive a free exfoliating scrub! It's just like getting the duo at 50% off!

These products retail for $32.95 each, and you can find out more about them over here.

Do you embrace the winter pallor, or are you all about that winter glow?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration