Review: Ultraceuticals RVR90 Programme

A while ago, I had to do the unimaginable as a beauty blogger, and I had to give up all of the potions, lotions and concoctions, and I had to scale everything back to just, wait for it, 4 products. That's right, I had to seriously cut back, and it was a bit of a shock to the system at first, but once I adjusted, I found it very easy, and it really did simplify everything!

What exactly is the RVR90? RVR90 is a programme that gets you using only a few products to get Real Visible Results in 90 days. I can hear some of you saying - less products for more results? Does it work?

I committed to the programme for the whole 90 days, and the only thing that I used occasionally (and only very rarely) was a mask here and there. Otherwise, for the length of 90 days, I stuck with:
1) Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+ (Day)
2) Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser (Night)
3) Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum (Night)
4) Ultra Moisturiser Cream (Night)

As part of the programme, I had two facials done at the Ultraceuticals counter at David Jones in the city. I do know that others who did the programme had more facials done, but sadly, I was only able to schedule two in. It was at those times that I had my photo taken, and analysed on different levels to check for redness and pigmentation. Even though I only had two facials, meaning that I only had one between the first time I started the programme and when I had my picture taken again, combined with the products I was given, it made quite a bit of difference to the skin on a deeper level, which reflected as brightness and reduced redness around my nose.

Given that I already had good skin to begin with, I didn't expect a huge difference in the appearance of my skin, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that you could actually improve on a good thing! I would recommend Ultraceuticals to anyone looking to improve their skin, or are sick of buying and trying products that don't work. After all, who doesn't want a smooth and clear complexion?

Ultraceuticals can be found at David Jones and selected beauty salons, and they can tailor a skincare regime to suit your needs. 

Would you be keen to go on the RVR90 programme? Could you stick with just a few products for 90 days?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration