Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Hello babes! This is just my friendly reminder to get all of you on track for Mother's Day, which is next weekend, so you'd better hop on it, or you might be going to that celebratory lunch empty handed!

Don't you worry, though, because I have just the answers to your one question - what on earth are you getting for mum this year?

Let's start with Lush! They are the perfect holiday/seasonal/special occasion store that hits the right note, with a variety of different bath and body products. As part of their Mother's Day 2017 Limited Edition Collection, which runs from the 27th of April until the 14th of May, they have 2 bath bombs, including Mum (pictured), which actually comes in yellow and pink, and Ups-a-daisy. Your Mother Should Know is a brightly coloured wheel of a bubble bar, and they also have a re-usable bubble bar, called Elsie The Giraffe. Both bubble bars are very citrusy and uplifting, which I can appreciate, given that they are quite energizing. For those who are looking to wind down, the Baa Bar (not pictured) is a bubble bar packed with lavender, and appropriate for relaxing after a day of running around for the family.

Scrubee is as cute as it sounds, and it's a body butter that rehydrates while exfoliating. Pink Custard is a shower jelly that I deserve as a cat mom, just because it's so cute! There is also a lip scrub in the range, called Honey, which tells you what it tastes like, while the Sunrise soap is zesty and refreshing. Finally, Yummy Mummy (not pictured) is their shower cream, and I'm going to try and get my hands on this one! You can pick and mix what you'd like to gift your mom, or mom friends, or if you're in a rush, you can always buy a pack!

Speaking of heavily scented products, what about scents themselves? To score some top notch brownie points, Roberto Cavalli's Paradiso Assoluto will have your mum singing your praises, with this floral and spicy bouquet making her feel like a new woman. If your mum was a late teen, or in her early 20s in the 90s, then the new Guess 1981 will be right up her alley! This smells equal parts woody and floral to me, and invokes memories of Anna Nicole Smith in her hey day, wearing skintight jeans and a halter top. If you're at a loss for what might be appropriate, Philosophy's Amazing Grace may just strike the right note. This is feminine, beautiful, and lives up to it's name. 

If your mum isn't into perfumes, what about starting at the top? By that, I mean starting with the hair! Natura Siberica's Oblepika Hair Mask for Deep Repair both deeply conditions the hair and smells heavenly. Pair it with the Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub so that your mum can have a good scrub while her hair marinates. Since you're going all out, you should throw in an Energizing Facial Mask for good measure. This promises to revitalise and refresh the skin, so that your mom can feel all relaxed from top, well, not quite the toes, but close!

If you're aiming for the toes as well, I've got a recommendation for that too! I'm a fan of the original Scholl Express Pedi, so imagine my excitement when I heard about the Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Rechargeable Foot File! This baby will get your feet feeling all smooth and gorgeous both in and out of the shower, and to take it further, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream will keep them soft and happy.

For mothers that are more excited about makeup, you honestly can't go wrong with new brushes! All makeup lovers can't go past that new brush feel, and the Artiste Manicare Professional line is all about that lush brush! You can pick these up at Priceline. However, if they would rather go for some colour, then lipsticks are it! Luk has a range of beautiful lipsticks that are gentle on the lips with a hint of colour. If you're after a more traditional balm feel that has a bit of colour to it, Weleda has a gorgeous collection of them!

I hope that this post gives you a bit of a inspiration (and a kick up the bum!) to get moving and buying the right present for the woman who nurtured you, and watched you grow.

What are you doing for the day? Have you bought your present yet?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration