Review: Transformulas Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser

If Transformulas is a brand that you've been looking at trying out, then I would recommend you start by trying out their Miracle Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser. I've been using this for weeks, and I've been loving it!

This cleanser is a foaming cleanser that also exfoliates dead skin cells while retaining the skin's natural pH levels. The lactic acid and glycolic acid both act as natural exfoliants, and witch hazel as well as allantoin both moisturise the skin. The cleanser is a creamy blue, and it smells fresh, and almost like the beach to me. This lathers up relatively well, and feels smooth on the skin. It cleanses without drying the skin, and leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I really like how gentle this feels on my skin, making it an appropriate daily cleanser.

This retails for $35, and it will get you 100 ml in a clear bottle with a twist cap. Transformulas can be found in Priceline.

Have you tried Transformulas before? What's your favourite product from them?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration