Review: Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Hylamide and Hand Chemistry

I think we have all appreciated shots of the products from Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company on Instagram recently, and they have all fuelled my appetite to try their skincare goodies, and as such, I was thrilled to be given two exciting newbies for my skin recently. 

I've been using the Hylamide on my skin for the last 3 weeks, and really quite liking it. This is a hyaluronic based blurring surface finisher, and this is used before powders, but after (or mixed in) with foundation. This has a silicone-feel to it, and I like that this minimizes the appearance of my pores, while blurring out imperfections. This is also meant to plump and hydrate the skin. It comes in a 30ml hot pink and white tube, which makes it easy to use. This retails for $23.95.

I've also be using Hand Chemistry, which is a concentrated multi-functional hand cream that targets 8 signs of hand ageing. This is one that's meant to be used twice daily, and you're supposed to see results in about 11 days. What I really love about this is the formula - it sinks in so well and so quickly that you barely have time to get that lubricated, greasy feel on the paws. It's also thick enough to prevent that dry knuckle feeling that I get as the weather cools down. It also has a semi-sweet peachy scent to it that I quite like, and is light enough to not bother those who might find scents offensive. An absolute winner for only $14 for 30ml in a transparent tube!

These have been a great first run with this brand, and I'm really looking forward to trying more of their products in the future! They can be purchased at Priceline, as well as other retailers. What have you tried from them? What are you looking forward to trying?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration