Review: Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa


I've talked about the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa on Instagram before, but it's a device that deserves a whole blog post to itself, so that you can make an informed decision on what to expect, whether you should buy it, and what features it has.

The Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa comes with:
- The epilator
- Deep massage pad to help improve the texture of the skin
- A gentle exfoliation brush
- A regular exfoliation brush 
- Two hygiene caps
- A high frequency massage cap
- A skin contact cap
- A facial cap 
- A pouch for keeping all the bits and bobs together
- A facial cleansing brush that has three brush attachments - normal, exfoliating and extra sensitive
- Two double A batteries

As someone who only started epilating in the last year (due to my fear of pain and general low threshold for it), I will be upfront and say, yes, it does hurt, but not as much as you think it would, particularly given how loud the machine is. Also, do it while you're doing something else, like watching TV, and the distraction will make it hurt less. I have found with this one that I have to go over an area a couple of times in order to get the hairs out, but also, that my hair seems more sparse after continuous use for a few weeks. 

I love that this has a light in the front, so that you can see the little hairs that are still present as you're 'driving' over your skin. This device is easy to use, with it's two speeds, and the facial cleansing brush is also relatively foolproof.

You can definitely say that this little pack is epil-ling indeed! This retails for $299, and with all these attachments and add ons, you can do so much more with this whole set than just epilate. 

Are you a veteran at epilating? What's your tool of choice for hair removal?

* This products was provided for editorial consideration


  1. This sounds so good! I love that it has the changable exfoliation heads and brushes! I remember using one of these years ago and it was a bit ouchy but not as bad as I had imagined :) x

  2. Love this review!! I really enjoyed using it, though I don't know that I could put up with the pain every time either haha

    Laura || xx


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