Review: Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist with Omegaplex

I used to be a little more adventurous when I was younger, dyeing my hair different shades of red, going from my born-with black, to the big chunky highlights that were popular in the 90's, to a variety of chestnut browns. These days, I don't tend to go too crazy, considering that I know my hair does get quite dry and damaged from this. Hence, I was quite keen to give the new release from Schwarzkopf a go!

This is a home hair colour that is currently only available in 9 shades, and I'm seriously hoping that they bring out more colours! It's enriched with professional anti-breakage technology Omegaplex and this is meant to deliver amazing colour intensity and cover the greys efficiently. What exactly is Omegaplex supposed to do? Well, it's meant to prevent damage damage and breakage by protecting and reinforcing the hair bonds, and everyone knows that I like products that work extra hard, so a hair dye that promises to deliver some extra oomph while locking in some colour is exactly what I like the sound of!

I found this easy to use. Like many other brands, there's a pair of gloves and post colour conditioner included in the box, as well as a developer and colour that I mixed together. However, what's unique about this is that it had the anti-breakage serum, which I had to add to the mixture. I got excellent, even colour coverage with this, and it's still going strong 3 weeks down the line. I'm also due to use the colour reviver at this point, which should put some extra zing into my hair colour.

I love that my hair didn't feel dry right after I dyed it, nor did it act up at all after a few days. What I did notice with this one was a more obvious ammonia-type scent, but when I had some improved ventilation going on, the smell did get better. It's definitely hard to argue with the results, however, as my hair still feels amazing and looks quite shiny!

This retails for just under $19 and you can find it at retailers like Priceline.

What's your favourite hair dye shade? Would you try this hair dye?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. I'm glad to see companies starting to put the '-plex' treatments into home hair colour. Hopefully they're just as good as the salon ones.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. I pretty much always just go blonder. I love the at-home hair colours, as I think I'd feel self-conscious at the hairdresser, haha. This one looks great. :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

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