Review: Rimmel #Insta Fix & Go

Rimmel certainly brings out a surprising variety of products, and one of their newest additions is the #Insta Fix & Go!
This spray comes in a white bottle with a clear cap, and it contains 100 ml of product. This can be used as both a primer and a setting spray, which is definitely handy if you're looking to streamline so that you don't have to pack a primer as well, particularly if you're looking to go away.

It has a very mild, forest fresh/aloe type of scent to me, and this dries down quickly, and is oil free, for those who are concerned about what they are spritzing on the face. As a way to lock in your makeup so that it stays in place, I quite like this spray! I will say that the nozzle is not as 'misty' as I'd like for it to be, but it also isn't spitty, kind of more like an in between. 

For $13.95, this spray is an excellent addition to the already excellent range of goodies by Rimmel, and it's definitely one that I'd spend money on! This can be found at places that sell Rimmel, including Priceline.

Are you a finishing spray kinda girl? What's your favourite?

* This product was provided for editorial consideration


  1. Im just about to start trialling this spray out myself, its good to know its oil free. I love misty sprays so I'll be sure to watch out for any kind of direct pressured spray, this was a cool review! Thanks for writing xo ��

    Jacqueline xo


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