FOTD ft Urban Decay, Maybelline, Laura Geller, Antipodes, Nude by Nature and Rimmel

I don't think I show my matte palettes as much love as they deserve, so for this FOTD, I thought I would whip out one of my favourite, but less loved, kits, and show you just how gorgeous the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette is!

Firstly, please note this facial expression - yes, this is my normal resting face, and no, I promise I'm actually quite friendly! I just can't seem to adjust it so I don't look annoyed all the time! Total aside, sorry, but just had to share. On to the actual FOTD, I used a mix of the #Instaflawless by Rimmel * and the Soft Focus Illuminator by Nude by Nature * for my base, before reaching for Gimme Brow and Precisely, My Brow Brow Pencil * by Benefit for the brows.

I then neatened the brows up a bit, as well as lightened the under eye circles, using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium. For some light contouring, I grabbed my Naked Flushed palette by Urban Decay in Streak, which I also used for the blush. To add a healthy, holiday glow, I brushed on some Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow by Laura Geller *.

For the eyes, I began with Tempted all over the lids, before adding a bit of Lockout, then going over the outer corner of the lids with some Lethal to finish it off. As for the lashes, they are a pair of random Asian ones - sorry! I have a stash of them hiding around the place, and they are not always branded.

For that final icing finish, I used the Antipodes lipstick in Remarkably Red * - the perfect colour for this look!

I quite like this look, which doesn't include my usual winged eyeliner - a bi of a departure from the norm, but certainly a good one!

What's your favourite matte eyeshadow palette? Are you a matte or a shimmer babe?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration 


  1. I love matte eyeshadows too but mine don't nearly get as much love as my shimmers. I love the look of the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette - I just can't decide whether to purchase it or not!



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