Easter Fun with Lush

Part of what I love about holidays and changes in seasons, aside from the food, of course, is all the special, limited edition stuff that comes out then!

Lush, of course, is at the top of the game when it comes limited edition products, and this Easter, they have some newbies on the market! Their Which Came First bath bomb, the pink one pictured above with yellow dots, is one of the new ones and this is filled with grapefruit oil and Sicilian lemon for a refreshing dip. They brought back Bunch Of Carrots, which is a trio of reusable bubble bars, and I love that these actually do look like carrots, with little green tops. That's the kind of vegetable I can really get crazy about!

This year, they brought back the Golden Egg, which is all about the glitter! This has wild orange and cocoa butter to keep the skin soft and that shimmer would keep the skin lustrous. I'm just crazy about the glitter on this bath bomb melt, and it's one that I'd be saving for an extra special spa night. I was also sent the Chocolate Easter Egg soap, which is new on the market. Packed with vanilla and citrus oils, this is meant to sud up nicely. This also has really festive colours, and it's going to look super cute in the shower!

What's a limited edition range without a lip scrub? And one that's called Chocolate as well! Thi has a mix of dark chocolate, cocoa absolute and cocoa powder, as well as tangerine and sweet orange oils, all combined to polish the lips, and keep them soft.

It is available online and instore now, make sure you run to Lush and check out the range! I'm looking forward to heading in store and picking up Chick 'N' Mix, which is a crazy cute bath bomb that is meant to be full of surprises!

Remember, these are healthier than your traditional chocolate eggs and bunnies, so consider a glitter egg instead of a chocolate one this year!

What's your favourite Easter product from Lush?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration