How To: Get Peachy Tresses

I love my friends. No, seriously, I love them for so many reasons, and not least of all is that they would let me experiment on them, and it's just awesome, because it's fun for me, new and interesting for them, and one of my favourite girls (who's about to leave me and run off to the States, boo!) stepped up to the plate and asked me to transform her hair recently, and that's what I did.

Firstly, we had to pick a colour, and considering that we wanted to go for something bright and strong, we picked DARE's No. 12, also known as Peach Party. For anyone who's keen to take the plunge and go for a bright shade, make sure you bleach your hair first, or you might not pick up the colour quite as well. We started off with a mostly bronde (blonde/brown) head of hair, so we proceeded to do just that, going from this:

To this in 30 minutes:

Then, I used an entire tube of Peach Party, leaving it on for about 45 minutes, resulting in this:

It turned out a little more orange on the freshly bleached strands than I'd anticipated, but mixed with a little pastel pink a week later, and it actually got to a gorgeous rose gold shade. That's the beauty of using something like Dare, or Fudge, you can mix different colours to get exactly what you want! This particular shade is not meant to last for more than about 6 washes, but it's still evident in the hair a month down the road, just not as vibrant or bright.

What's the craziest hair colour you've ever tried? What would you try next?

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  1. Wow! It works so well! I'd be worried that they wouldn't come through as strong, or that I wouldn't be able to get it out, I think that's why I've never dyed my hair I guess haha

    Laura || xx

  2. Wow!! That is quite a powerful little tube of product! I think the bleach definitely helped there, as well. I would love to see the look of it now with the rose gold colours. 😍

  3. I've just used raspberry beret from fudge and the balyage I'm growing out is currently hot pink


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