Review: Genie Beauty Foundation, Concealer, Blush and Powder

I'm sure many of you have seen Genie Beauty kicking around on your Instagram feed recently, and if not, you might have noticed them on TVSN. I hope you've been paying attention, because their stuff is amazing, and I'm here to talk through a bunch of their products today!

Their Line Smoothing Foundation comes with SPF 15, and the pump makes it easy to get the product out. I love how this foundation has a dewy finish, adding a bit of light to the skin, and it also blends very well into my face, creating the look of a smooth complexion. A word to the wise however - medium is reasonably dark, even for my Summer self, so just keep that in mind when picking shades!

When it comes to their base products, I'm sure you've heard of their Line Smoothing Concealer! These babies come in a twist up case, and Honey and Beige both seem to work well on me, depending on my skin tone and amount of sun exposure. This is surprisingly creamy, particularly for a stick concealer, and I use a brush to blend it out seamlessly. 

Their Cashmere Blush in Sunrise is the perfect peachy blush for my skin! I love that it adds a rosy glow to my cheeks, and it is definitely wearable on a daily basis. 

I've been using the Transformer Highlighting Wand under the eyes as more of an illuminator to distract people from my eyebags, and this has a subtle shimmer to it. I've also dabbed it along the cheekbones to make them more obvious, and that works quite nicely. I do love that it has a clicker at the bottom which you use to get the product out onto the in-built brush. 

The Cashmere Powder comes in a compact (I believe there are a couple of sizes) that has a mirror in it, just like the blush. The texture of this is smooth, and easy to powder on. It doesn't result in a cakey feeling, and it prevents makeup from sliding - definitely does the job!

I hope this review helps for anyone who might be looking to purchase some Genie products! For those who would like to know more about them, you can head to the TVSN site over here.

What's your favourite Genie product? Which one do you want to try?

* These products were provided for editorial consideration