Review: Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and Hand Cream *

Neutrogena is a brand that's been kicking round for ages and one that I'm pretty familiar with. I was recently given the chance to try some products from them, and imagine my delight when I saw my holy grail hand cream sitting in the parcel!

Back when I lived in Canada, my hands used to get horrifically dry. They would crack, flake and even bleed on the really bad days. Aside from steroid cream, the one recommendation from my sister was this particular hand cream. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and that's absolutely the case here!

The consistency of this is really quite thick, and this doesn't have a scent. It's not particularly creamy, and you have to ooze it out, but given that it is thick, a little goes a long way, meaning that this is also extremely economical. This hand cream is honestly one of the best ones I've ever tried - in fact, for years, it was a staple!

This stopped the cracking, bleeding and general dryness - for only $7.99 for a 56 g tube, this is more than fantastic!

I also tried out their oil free eye makeup remover, which was new to me. This comes in a clear screw cap bottle that contains 112 ml of fluid. It's a makeup remover that needs to be mixed together by shaking prior to use, and this has been very effective at taking off the most stubborn of make up, including some heavy duty mascara!

While it's meant to be oil free, I could feel a bit of a film left behind initially. I found it to be mostly fixed by using a couple of cotton pads to wipe, wipe, wipe and it's much better, although it's still a little slippery on the skin. Otherwise, it does as advertised, and it removes all of the day's makeup.

For $10.99, this is handy for days when you have stubborn makeup that needs a little something extra.

Neutrogena has picked up their game in recent years (Hydroboost, anyone?), and this has been a great refresher in their products!

What's your favourite Neutrogena product? What would you like to try?

* These products were provided for my consideration, but my opinions are my own


  1. I haven't tried that handcream, but it sounds like it does wonders! I actually love the eye makeup remover - it works sooo well on stubborn waterproof makeup! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. Ive got that hand cream on my bedside table! It is lovely!

  3. I haven't tried many neutrogena products, when I was a teen it was always a battle between neutrogena and Olay. I'm not too pleased with my swisse hand cream at the moment, i'll have a play with the neutrogena hand cream next time i'm in priceline!

    1. You really need to look into getting a tube of this stuff!

  4. I bought the Neutrogena hand cream a couple of years ago when I was holidaying in NZ and suffered from dry hands thanks to their colder climate! It worked well for me.


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