Review: Vaseline Spray Moisturisers *

I moisturise. No, seriously, I moisturise, and by that, I mean I SERIOUSLY moisturise. Every day, after a shower, face and body, feet and hands... It's probably surprising that I don't just slide around like a seal, being this slippery!

However, what this means is that during my absolutely favourite time of the year, Summer, it does get a little sticky, not to mention humid, which means that I don't always enjoy how I feel after moisturing - a little bit ick. That never stopped me from doing my daily thing, however, I did wonder if there was a better alternative.

Believe it or not, there is! Vaseline now makes spray moisturiser, which has a twist cap on the top, meaning you can still pop it into your bag, even after opening it. Each can contains approximately 190g of product, and it comes in four flavours, one of which is for dry skin, which isn't pictured.

You had me at cocoa butter. This gorgeous spray smells heavily of cocoa butter, which means that after your shower, this would cause you to smell of someone that's been rolling around in chocolate. It's so delicious, this makes me a little hungry after application.  

For those seeking a fragrance free option, this is your baby. This also has twice the concentration of the usual moisturiser. I have noticed with this one that it does flake off a little, which makes me wonder if it's because of the thick formula. 

This is my favourite of the lot, and here's why - the scent. While I do love the cocoa butter smell, and who doesn't, incidentally, the aloe vera one is just so fresh and summery, it's hard to go past. It's my perfect Summer moisturiser - light, easy to use and isn't greasy once it's rubbed in.

The downside is that it doesn't last for very long, and therefore, cost wise, it's not the most ideal. However, comfort level wise - totally worth it. Also, you're meant to spray, then rub it in, which means that it can get a little slippery to hold on to and spray at the same time by the time you reach the last few parts of your body that you need to do.

The bottom line is that I love, love, love this stuff, but I don't see myself spritzing this on during Winter, as it could get a little cold, but come Summer, it's going to be in my basket every time I hit Pricelne!

Have you tried this before? Which one's your favourite?

* These products were provided, but in no way influenced my opinion.


  1. I haven't tried any of the latest spray on moisturisers, pretty cool though. I'm like you and moisturise every morning after my shower, head to toe. I think if I'm going to get my hands dirty (so to speak) by rubbing it in after spraying, I think I might as well use my regular lotions. Is it a fine mist, or thicker? Did you get much over-spray? I'm totally un-co when it comes to spraying the back of me with tanners so I'm pretty sure I'd fail with these as well lol

  2. This would save so much time for me! i am soooo lazy, especially at night. some nights I skip my body lotion because I'm too tired and cbf rubbing it in. Oh! are you going to glamour affair???

  3. I am so curious about these! I'm ultra lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body, so these sound like a handy solution :)


    1. They are fantastic, but they don't last for long, sadly.


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