Review: So...? Fragrances Part 2 *

I was recently given the chance to try a different set of So...? Fragrances (see the original post here) and given that my first experience with them was brilliant, I was pretty excited to see what else they had in the range. I almost bought some a while back, but couldn't justify the space (or lack there of - I'm currently unable to fit more on the dresser, so I'm on a bit of a perfume ban). 

Indisputably my favourite scent of all those that I've tried, the body spray is a lighter version of the EDT. It has notes of pineapple, laced with vanilla and blackcurrant, ending with musky tone. The down side, as stated, is that this is a lighter version of the EDT, which I have finished a 30 ml bottle of, so don't expect it to stick around.

If you're keen on fruity scents, then this one would be ideal for you. This spray bottle retails for $4.95.

So...? is one of the more prominent scents from the entire range (I say this as I always see this in pharmacies and Target when I'm out and about), and while it's quite pretty, this feels a little mature for me once it dries down.

I catch freesia with some cedarwood, which is more noticeable on dry down. While it's meant to smell of orange, lilies and passionfruit, I don't sense any of it on my skin. Instead, when reacting with my skin chemistry, this feels like quite a grown up scent. 

This 30 ml bottle retails for $14.95.

You can find these fragrances are Priceline, Big W, Target, as well as other pharmacies.

Has trying a fragrance from one brand caused you to branch out? What's your favourite So...? fragrance?


  1. I love this super affordable range, its been so nice getting re-acquainted with them all :) Kiss Me is one of my faves but the So?... Sinful is the best in my opinion. I agree that the original fragrance is more of a mature scent than the others, I prefer it in the cooler months :)

    1. So... Kiss me is my absolute favourite! It's sweet and pretty, and very wearable.


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