Current Mask(ed) Heroes

As a beauty blogger (and just a skincare addict in general), I generally have a zillion of everything open at any point in time. Today, I want to run you through all the masks I currently have on the go, and why I'm using them.

1) Sasy n Savy Vitamin Enriched Facial Recover Masque - I received this in a beauty box a while back, and I really like this as a gentle, non-tingling recovery mask. This is great for when your face has had a harsh time, and you're in need of a bit of a soothing mask, such as after spending lots of time out in the sun.

2) Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask - This mask is extra tingly! It's really great for getting in and cleaning out all of the gross.

3) GlamGlow Thirsty Mud - This is fantastic for when I need a little bit of a hydration boost!

4) Puretopia Purity and Revive Deep Cleansing Clay Mask - This, to me, is a bit of an in between mask - this is a gentler cleansing mask that does tingle a bit, but not much.

And there you have it - my current mask(ed) heroes! Do you just have the one mask tube? How many do you have on rotation?


  1. I've been using the Formula 10.0.6 one for more than a year but because I forget to use a mask in my routine, it's probably a bit too old. So I bought the Sanctuary Spa 5 minute mask that I use in the shower when I wash my hair. Loving it at the moment!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. I'm very curious about puretopia.. it's on my list after I finish my current masks

    1. Try their Whisk Away Cleanser - that's gorgeous!

  3. Nice selection! I've sampled that Glam Glow hydration mask and it's quite nice! Smells good too :)


  4. I've been using the Puretopia one a lot lately, it's so nice! xx

  5. I love the Puretopia, it's not too heavy and does amazing things when my skin isn't playing nicely.


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