Review: Billie Baby Moisturiser, Baby Wash and Wash Mitt *

Today's TemPrincess post is special, because it wasn't written by me! I was recently offered a chance to trial some baby products, and given that I didn't have any of my own, I turned to my close friend, who's also the owner of two of my favourite non-furry babies. Mrs SF very kindly agreed to do a guest feature on my blog, so I'll let her take it away on the very first edition of Temporary Princess Takeover!

Firstly, many thanks to Temporary Princess for allowing me to review a product or two! The products I got to test drive this week were Billie Baby's bath milk, moisturiser and Billie Goat face washer mitt.

Firstly, let me introduce the test subjects. I shall call them Miss Monster and Mr Monster. Take two messy monsters.

Add Billie Baby Bath Milk and face washer to a nice warm bath.

Wash wash wash!

Miss Monster used the mitt like a bath toy.

Mr Monster was initially skeptical about the new products, but he came around eventually.

The bath milk was only very light fragranced, which was great for sensitive little noses (mum's included) and the two monsters liked how bubbly it was. The only complaint from Miss Monster was that the bubbles didn't last the whole bath.

Moisturising was fun with both Monsters enjoying the texture and the pleasant fragrance. It absorbed well and quickly, so it was easy to get into jammies straight away. Miss Monster wasn't particularly effective at giving herself an even application, so mum might have had to step in there.

And the end product - two clean, happy Monsters!

Would we use these products again? Heck yeah! We're almost through our test bottles already!

The moisturiser retails for $14.99 for 100 ml and the baby wash goes for $13.95 for 250 ml. For more information on them, head to their website

What have you used for washing your kids? Would you be interested in the Billie Baby range?

* These products were kindly provided and that in no way influenced my opinion.


  1. Love the face washer mitt! We had a couple when the kids were littler and they loved them!

    1. They're cute in the shower, even as an adult!


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