Bella Box February 2015!

Bella Box, as I near the end of my relationship with you, I find myself dragging my feet, particularly after getting a good box like this month's! Bella Box is a monthly beauty box subscription that tends to run on time, mostly, and is the cheapest of all the monthly beauty boxes, at only $15 per month.

That said, it is usually valued at the smallest amount compared to all the other boxes on the market, and there was the December Discrepancy, when a lot of members received full sized Fuse or Kora products, while everyone else had small samples. That was pretty unfair.

This month, Bella Box teamed up with a few different magazines, and while we were given the choice to pick the box of our choice, I didn't get it my choice in on time - but I got the one I wanted anyway! Yay! It's the Harper's Bazaar version of the box.

Here's everything that I received this month.

1) ZK'in Line Smoothing Serum - Anything that might help smooth out lines is fine by me!

2) Soak Superfood Skincare Skin Booster Body Lotion - This sounds lovely, although I'm not sure I
 need all of this in a body lotion! It's said to contain calcium, vitamin B3 and magnesium.

3) Essie Nail Colour in Take It Outside (full size) - A very grown up grey, I'm not certain I'd get much use out of this, and may end up giving this to one of my sisters. I do like Essie polishes, though.

4 and 5) Aveda:
Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme - I like the Aveda samples, as they tend to come in tubes. This would be a great long weekend trip away creme. This has plant extracts and antioxidants in it.

Intensive Hydrating Masque - I've received one of these previously and while I haven't had a chance to use it yet, I do have it packed away in my away bag for my upcoming trip!
$12.59 + $3.73

6 and 7) Transformulas:
Lip Volume - I did receive one of these a while back in a different box, and I haven't had the chance to use it yet. More for me if I do!

Marine Miracle - Ditto as above!

8) Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream - Yay for cuticle cream! I do quite like this one - I wouldn't recommend it to people who aren't big on citrus scents, however.

And that's everything this time! This box is valued around $50, and it looks like the boxes are coming to more than what they used to. March will mark my last BB, sadly - let's see how long I hold out before I sign back up!

Have you received your Bella Box? What's your favourite bit of it?


  1. Hmm not a bad box. However, i really hate how BB make people think they will all receive full size products. I love Burt's bees cuticle cream, it does wonders to my gross cuticles lol

  2. Some awesome brands included here! I would get excited by the cuticle cream, nail polish and serum.

  3. I stopped my subscription already as I'm sick of getting too many samples! This one looks nice but not nice enough for me to resubscribe. Love the Burt's Bees cuticle cream though, it lasts forever!

    1. I think I'm starting to get there, but I still get excited about it, even though the pile of stuff is growing!


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