November Lust Have It 2014!

Lust Have It, I feel like we've had some good times, but you're starting to let me down even more than just by arriving later and later each month.

For the month of November, the Lust Have It pack at least arrived on time, but sadly, there was one big glaring problem with it - a repeat product, the So Susan luminizer that only came in the October box a couple of days before this. Alas, seeing that was enough to upset me, but I'll walk you through the rest of the package and tell you a little more at the end.

As you can see, I received a total of five products in the November box.

1) Essenza Natural Japanese Silk Facial Treatment Masks in Moisturise and Smooth (full size) - I have tried the green version of the face masks previously, and quite liked it, so it's a great addition to the box.

2) So Susan Water Based Pure Luminizer (full size) - That's right, I got the same exact product, one month after the other, a few days apart, AND the one they sent in this box was actually broken (I found the nozzle in the cap) and all dried up.

When I contacted LHI about being sent a repeat product, before I found out that it was broken, they wrote a bog standard apology and credited 50 points to my account. Well, I have now contacted them about the product actually being broken, and I'm awaiting a reply. I sent them a message about this over a week ago - we'll see what comes of this!

3) Aveda Daily Colour Protect - This is a leave on treatment that is meant to help preserve hair colour for up to 6 weeks. I don't currently have coloured hair, but I'm sure I'd be looking at using this in the not too far off future!

4) Natralus Paw Paw Pure Gel (full size) - This will be handy to have around for when the other half gets sunburnt (happens every Summer) and he then tries to steal my lotions from me!

5) The Cosmetic Kitchen Blush in Raw Cacao (full size) - I love me a good blush! This full size blush comes in a matte black case that has a large mirror, and it's from a cruelty free company, which makes it even better.

I will say honestly that this would not have been a bad box (or bad bag?) to receive, if I hadn't gotten a repeat product that's broken, and NOT heard back from the company yet, after over 7 days. I have now sent another email to them, and we'll see how they plan to resolve the problem.

Fingers crossed I hear back from them soon! I'll keep you all updated!


  1. Nice selection! I love me a good sheet mask and the cacao blush sounds super interesting :)


    1. I love a good sheet mask too! Always refreshing!

  2. I think they're currently in way over their heads!! Have taken on far too many customers and extra boxes..? I've seen a heap of people who, like you either received a repeat of the So Susan or their's was broken too.. that's terrible! Did you see the shadows I got? That company is a beauty box subscription (I think?) and they stock So Susan, so it makes me wonder if that's actually where they're getting these products...
    The blush is nice, we got the same colour, I am really liking it. And the face mask was a bit of fun :)

    1. I do feel like it's them being spread too thin.

  3. Before I completely read your post, I was going to say that LHI seemed to be getting better. But the lateness of this box, repeat product and damages, makes it look not as good again. I have the green version of the face mask. I'm glad you like it as I haven't tried it out yet. I hope this one works out well too!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  4. Not too bad, but a bit frustrating what happened about the repeat/broken product though. How annoying!

    1. It certainly was annoying, but it sounds like LHI is onto it for me now.

  5. gee 50 points? I think they should send you out another product for the repeat and definitely send a replacement for the broken product. I have about 300 points sitting inmy LHI acc but I havent touched it since they changed their redemption system.I sure hope we get Dec in time before xmas!

    1. I have heard back from them, and apparently, I'll be getting a replacement product. Fingers crossed it turns up!


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