Her Fashion Box November 2014

Her Fashion Box, you're running so late that I actually got confused the other day about which month this box was supposed to be for. My November Her Fashion Box actually only arrived last month, and while I do love it, it's actually starting to frustrate me that our Aussie boxes can't seem to arrive on time!

I've also been thinking of cutting down on my subscription boxes so that I can look at getting The Parcel or sampling Violet Box, and given that I still have about 14 months left on my LHI box, and a few months on a couple of others, and this one runs out in January, I might, very reluctantly, be looking to move on from HFB.

Moving on, here's what I got in last month's feminine HFB!

1) Togetherness Cuff - This is really pretty! It does have a slightly rough edge, however, but I think I might be able to file it down a little.

2) Restful Necklace - Pretty! I love the double layerness of it!

3) BeeBio Bee Venom and Acive Manuka Honey Eye Creme - I've heard lots about bee venom as skincare, and this is my chance to finally try it out!

4) Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure - I got this in Mushroom as part of the box, and another set in Pearl White. I've used similar ones before, and I'll have to see how they perform!

5) Coral Colours in No. 20 - This is a lovely pinky red. I will say that I haven't had a lot of luck with CC before, but hopefully, this lipstick will be the start of a winning streak!

6) Byron Bay Cookie Company Twin Pack - Yum! It's a little odd, but they threw in a twin pack of Byron Bay Cookie Company Twin Pack in White Chocolate Chunk. It's going to be finished soooo fast!

7) Instant Detangler - I have a similar one already, so I might pass this on to someone else. 

And that's the November box! It saddens me that I may be likely to move away from Her Fashion Box, but I don't know if I should really sign up for another year.

What are your thoughts? Would you sign up for a year of HFB?


  1. I think investing in The Parcel would be a better option.
    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. I think i'd give HFB a miss, I get skin reactions to jewelry from Equip etc. I love seeing food in boxes though!

    1. That's fair enough - I do ok with them, it's really more just the costs.

  3. I was considering signing up to them, but I'm just not sold on some of the cheap tacky looking jewelry they sometimes have - though it does provide the opportunity for us to try different pieces... Def go with Marie Claire's The Parcel if you're considering it, it's been great!

    1. I just signed up to VB, so I might have to consider The Parcel at a later date.


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