High Tea at Sadhana, Newtown, Sydney

For those who find it frustrating to find a vegan high tea, it's time to rejoice! Sadhana, which is located on Enmore Road in Newtown, has a regular vegan high tea, and you can now dabble in the practise of ladies who lunch... the cruelty free way!

Miss SV, my lovely pink haired camera shy vegan friend, arranged for us to go to high tea, which I was very excited about!

The service was quick and snappy, made even more amazing by the fact that we were there on a busy Sunday. We were shown to our table, and given a tea list, which you can see above.

Our little table setting.

The ambience was one of a cafe, cheerful, with lots of vegan options!

The tea came in the cutest little tea for one sets, as well as strainers, but no saucer for the strainers to sit in. We were also given a couple of different options for milk (almond or soy, I think that rice was an option as well).

As you can see, they gave us two tiers of sweets and one of savouries. While I liked the sweets, and actually found this to be the most filling high tea I've ever tried (and trust me, I've tried a ton), I didn't really enjoy the 'bread' that was holding the sandwich together - it tasted a little too dry and weirdly sticky.

As far as new experiences went, it was a blast, and you can now enjoy time with vegan friends who feel like they are missing out!

Overall, I would rate this:

7.5/10 (and that's mostly because I missed having meat, but the facon - fake bacon - was pretty decent!)


  1. I'm not sure if I could handle two tiers of sweets heehee. Although the 'sandwiches' look a little funny. Thanks for the review, I love reading about your high tea experiences, I really want to go to one.. or two next month!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. Those sweets look delicious! I have got to try a High Tea one day! Have a great Christmas x

    1. Thanks, Loz! I had a great one - hope yours was wonderful!

  3. I saw your photo on instagram and decided I need to go there! I'm sick of having to eat 5 ham sandwiches because my bf doesn't eat meat! This is perfect

    1. You'd notice the lack of meat, but otherwise, it's got a great sweets selection!

  4. Yay for vegan high tea! I'm lucky, there is a place here in Zurich that also offers it!!! The bread does look a bit... But the cakes look delicious!!! ^^


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