December Lust Have It 2014!

Lust Have It arrived a little earlier than I anticipated this month, and in a red mesh zip bag, rather than a pink one, making it a nice change. Not only that, this monthly subscription box, er, bag, came out with a number of full size items - not bad for $19.95 per month!

Here's everything that was included in this month's box!

1) The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Bath Salts (full size) - This cruelty free brand has been featured in some previous LHI boxes, and it's always nice to find something from them. I have a ton of bath products to get through, and this is on the list now!

2) Lonvitalite C1 Whitening, Pigment Toning and Moisturising Facial Mask (full size) - I'm a fan of the Lonvitalite masks, so this is a welcome sight in my beauty box! 

3) The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask - The bag split in transit, but I managed to salvage most of it! This calls for it to be mixed with avocado, I believe, so it looks like I might have to slip one into the shopping basket soon.

4) Designer Brands Extend A Brow (full size) - This year's beauty obsession definitely goes to having the perfect brows! I've tried a number of liquid products for my brows, and I imagine this is much the same, which means that I can't wait to try it out!

5) Inika Pure Primer - Oooooh! I love a good primer! This is definitely something I'll be getting use out of!

That's quite a lot of products that I'll actually be able to use, and in decent sizes too! Excellent value overall for $19.95, and certainly a great way to end the year for LHI.

Have you received your bag yet? Are you looking forward to getting it now that you know what might be in yours?


  1. This box looks like it's such good value! Everything looks exciting to use!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. My boy put the bath salts to the test, he said it was very relaxing and the salts dissolved instantly. I really wanted to like the extend a brow but the fall outs are driving me a little mad! I think i prefer the liquid ones

  3. The brow fibers are pretty cool, I'm actually enjoying them but it would be much better if it had a double end with a wax to set them... I'm on the fence about using the clay mask, I think it's like one whole teaspoon of avacado you need to use, I'll have to try and remember to make a mask every time I have one in the fridge :)


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