Weekend Fun and DIY Mask!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! For those in Australia, we all had a long weekend, but I had to pop into work a couple of times, so I didn't sleep in as much as I would have liked to, but it was really nice anyway, because I got to spend time with some girlfriends!

Aside from that, I got to rearrange my accessories with new hooks and holders, and when I got bored, I drew a mask on my face! Mr Prince did wonder what I was up to - it was simply a matter of surplus makeup and time.

For anyone who might be curious, it's Loud Purple, one of the Ulta3 lip paints, on my lips, and I used a Scandaleyes silver pencil as my outline, and a mix of MAC and Aveda eye accent for the mask itself. The upside is that this has given me some serious ideas for Halloween, and I'm not the least big artistic, unlike my mum, so this was a nice new discovery.

For the long weekend, I also got the chance to change things up a little when it came to my wardrobe. Here's one of the outfits that I wore out for lunch - simple, breezy, and transeasonal. I love my leather jackets! I just can't get enough of them!

I hope you had a good weekend too! What did you get up to?


  1. I love your jacket! Can never have enough jackets! Great work with the eye mask too... I always see so many amazing looks using makeup and we all own way more than we can every use in the 'normal' manner so why not have some fun with it! We had a great weekend, the kids marched in our local Anzac march, then we did fish 'n chips and a play at the park for lunch, had dinner with friends and drank a little too much wine, played netball on Saturday (and quickly regretted the wine lol) and Sunday was spent doing jobs around the house and lunching at my parents!! phew! Now just hanging out for school to go back tomoz :D

  2. Oh the photo of you with your draw on mask and loud purple lip paint reminds me of some sort of super hero! We just need to get you a costume now :D I went to the grounds of alexandria during my long weekend - 3 days went so quickly, come sunday, I'd start thinking about monday. I'm counting down to the next public holiday now...

    1. Been looking at going to Grounds! Jealous! Hahaha... I'm working on that outfit!

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  4. Tell me about it - I have about 5 leather jackets! That sounds like a really lovely weekend!


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