Review: Innisfree Green Tea Hydro Gel Mask

I thought I'd try something different when I decided to whip this little mask by Innisfree on, but I didn't expect it to be quite so different! This was included in a care package by one of my sisters, which is definitely one of the best things about having sisters, and I was not expecting what I found in it at all!

First off, it's meant to hydrate your skin using green tea ingredients, and replenish your skin with moisture. All the ingredients are as below: 

With water being the first ingredient, I was prepared for it to be quite a squishy mask, but what I saw when I opened it was unexpected! 

It's not immediately obvious, but it's not a fabric mask sheet this time! It's actually a transparent gel-like thin mask in two separate pieces, each with a see through film preventing it from all sticking together. Additionally, as it comes in two different pieces, you have to put on the top half before attaching the bottom half. It's... kinda interesting, if not a little messy and tricky to get on!

And that's the finished product! As you can see, it's a clear mask, and you can just make out the demarcation. It didn't slide around like I thought it would either!

Despite the ordeal it was to get the mask on the face in the first place, it actually did brighten and moisturise my skin!  My skin felt a little tingly after the mask was removed, and all the moisture must have gone into my skin, because the hydogel sheets didn't feel like they contained much liquid when I removed it from my face. There was also barely any serum left on my skin, and the lack of residue meant that my skin didn't feel sticky at all.

Overall, a great experience with excellent results (just a cumbersome one to put on), and definitely a very interesting mask.

Have you tried any hydrogel sheets before? Would you be interested in trying something like this?


  1. Seems worth a try! I've tried a few masks, and dislike the sticky feel most of them leave behind. Also I don't like it when they slide around, so this one seems perfect for me. ^__^

  2. wow, I haven't seen a clear mask before, look pretty cool :)


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