Review: Etude House I Need You, Dandelion! Face Mask

As the days get shorter, the nights longer and the weather increasingly gloomier, I thought I'd whip on a bright and happy little mask to give my skin that bit of a boost, and what could be brighter and happier than dandelions? 

Meant to revitalise the skin, this mask, D in the series of alphabet masks by Etude House, contains dandelion extract, as well as a number of other ingredients, as stated below.

I had a magnificent soak in the tub, complete with bath bomb, music and candles, prior to do this, so my skin had a good long while to relax, and for the pores to open up. Then, after my bath, I popped this little baby on my skin and waited for the requisite amount of time.


I found the serum for this one to be quite watery, and when I got it out of the packet, I was glad I had the presence of mind to do it over the basin, because it dripped everywhere! The good thing about this at least was that once it was on my face, it didn't run down my neck. 

A small fit, as usual, as per most other Etude House masks. I left it on for 15 minutes, before I patted it into my skin, then added everything else (eye cream, serum and moisturiser) on top of it. My skin certainly looked brighter and happier for it!

I do wonder if having the bath beforehand helped with it as well! Overall, a very enjoyable mask with great results.

What do you think of this mask? Do you have any particular mask from the Etude House range that you prefer?


  1. love face masks! follow back?

  2. very nice :) xx

  3. Face masks are one of the most magical things in the world! ^^

  4. I really should start using masks more often. Mask + a soak in the tub sounds like a brilliant idea :)


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