Smokey eyes - Makeover at Sephora

Hello cuties! Today, I want to talk about my very first makeover at Sephora, and what went into it. This will be the first time, as well, that I'm doing a full frontal on this blog - for my face, that is! It makes me a little nervous, but what can you do, this blog is all about my honest opinion and journalistic integrity! Here goes nothing!

I was greeted by a very lovely makeup artist, who started by using an in store computer to pick the appropriate items for my skin. She removed my BB cream (which I foolishly put on that morning, forgetting to leave my face bare) with a foaming cleanser by Caudalie.

She then moved on to using a little machine (Colour IQ - find more information for it here) to get the right shade of my skin, so she could pick the correct colour for my base.

A foaming face mask was applied and left for a few minutes. That was my first experience with a face mask of that variety and while the results were great, it was very odd! I kept expecting it to slide off my face, but it just tingled and the little bubbles popped - it was quite fun!
Caudalie face lotion was applied to help prep the skin for the makeover, and it felt smooth and sank in quickly.

Here are the little helpers! This combination left my skin feeling soft and ready for the overhaul.
Et voila! That's me, with Hourglass Primer on beneath the Urban Decay Naked foundation and raring to go!

The eyebrows were filled in with Anastasia Brow Wiz, which, incidentally, my sister highly recommends. I'm a wax and powder kinda gal myself, but I really liked how easy it was with this pencil. I also have no idea why I made that face!
And now you can see the brows that much more! Ta dah!

The brand spanking new nude palette from Smashbox was used to create this look - she started by applying the black shadow over my lashline and blending up towards the brows with grey and brown shades. Primer Potion by Urban Decay was used beneath all of this.
She also used some Sephora bronzer to contour and a blush (which I cannot remember the name of!), which I thought would be too pink for my skin tone, but turned out to be just right.
She ended with a nude lip gloss by Nars, which added a lovely subtle sheen to my lips.

Meet the stars of the show! All of those gorgeous things were used to create this complete look below:

And there you have it! I certainly picked up a couple of tips while I was there that day, and there are some products on the market that I'm now interested in trying, but I have a mountain of new goodies to blaze through first!
Do you like having someone else do your makeup? What kind of looks do you want a hand in creating?


  1. Besides my Deb Ball when I was 16 and my wedding, no one has done my makeup... I would love them to though! You look great, the blush is perfect for you :)

    1. Thank you! I was feeling all shy about putting my face on the internet. I thought she did a great job with the blush! It was just right.

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm in awe by the little machine they used to find your shade, i've never seen that before, i've only seen the one to test moisture.

    1. Thank you! I thought she did a great job! Conversely, I don't think I've seen the one to test moisture before.


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