High Tea at The High Tea Party, Hilton, Sydney

Hello high tea! I've missed you! Saturday marked the early birthday of Miss SC, who can be found over here, and instead of leaving things up to fate, I decided to pick my own outfit, which consisted of a black and white leopard print dress with a sewn on sash by Dorothy Perkins and a pair of black suede ballet flats.

For those who haven't heard of the High Tea Party before, it is a yearly event that is held that supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can find more information here. It consists of a number of different seatings for the high tea, which you pick at the time of buying your tickets, and a number of different stands that resemble what you'd find at an expo, including manicures, eyelash extensions etc. Very cute concept and incredibly popular! This year, as per last year, I attended it with the fantastic Miss SC, Miss Serious about Cats, or also known as Miss Super Cutie.
We had a 4.30 PM seating, and we were shown to our table quick smart. While Miss SC was missing her goodie bag when we sat down, this was rectified within a few minutes. We then feasted on the following:

I loved the meringue, and while everything else was pretty good, the food wasn't overwhelmingly exciting, and I'm guessing, due to the hectic nature of the event, they didn't have any time to explain what we had on the plates. It also felt a little rushed, compared to last year - perhaps it's because we had the final seating for the day.

Overall, the event was excellent - more stands than last year, lots going on, and certainly grown in popularity as well (and the alcohol was plenty!), and we had a ton of fun. However, the high tea portion of it could use some work, and I felt that it was better in 2012 than 2013.

Based on the high tea alone, I would rate it:


However, based on the overall experience, I would rate it:



  1. I had a great time, thanks again for an amazing weekend.
    you should post this to their fb page :)

    1. It was only amazing because you were there! :)


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