November Bellabox Review!

The weather in Sydney has been gloomy and dark, so it's nice to have a little bright spot in the form of my beauty box subscriptions turn up, not that I particularly need another lot of skincare or cosmetics, but it's always nice to get parcels!

What really annoyed me about this round of Bellabox was that I received a series of emails detailing it's arrival, but it didn't turn up at work, which has always been my delivery address, and I ended up calling the Auspost hotline, going into the post office, and generally panicking a little until I got home and found it in my mailbox! Wha...? I was very confused about this and I have written to Bellabox about it - hopefully this is a one off and I won't be running around again to track down my parcel! That's why there's a different option for delivery and billing addresses! Edited: I heard back from BB, who apologized for the mix up and will be sending it to my delivery address from now on.

 In any case, it's here now, and mine's pretty awesome! I do have one other comment to add before I get started on what's in the box, however. They changed their packaging this month and it's a flimsy little yellow box instead of the sturdy brown boxes they used to have. Some of the items had to be placed outside the yellow box, and I read on Facebook that a lot of people had crushed items and weren't pleased about it. Mine did arrive with the outer blue box somewhat smushed, but the items within were fine. They might have to rethink their new packaging!

 Here's what I received this month:

 1) La Roche-Posay BB cream in 01 - this one is something I'm looking forward to trying out! I like the sound of it being 'melt in' in that it supposedly melts into your skin, and that it also has SPF 50+. And being a small tube, it's going to be excellent for a long weekend away, but I'll definitely be doing a trial run initially to make sure that it has sufficient staying power!

2) ASAP Anti-aging Night Cream - I have used a cream of theirs before, received in a previous beauty box, and wasn't disappointed, so I look forward to giving this a go. It might be getting on the plane with me this weekend!

3) ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser - how cute is this little tube? This claims to be gentle enough for daily use, but still suitable for a deep rinse. I might test this out after a sweaty, hot music festival this Summer - that might be perfect then!

 4) Bellabox lip crayon - I got lucky with this one and unlike a number of people on Facebook, mine's intact and in a colour that I've been looking to explore. I received Nuuude, which is pretty self explanatory, and is a reasonably creamy formula that kept my lips feeling adequately moisturised. So far so good!
5) PureTAN Purebronze Light/Medium Lotion - ahh... I was wondering when PureTAN would reach Bellabox! I'm not huge on self tanners, and while I've heard good reviews about this one, I think this is going to go to a better home than what I could give it.

 6) Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Corrector Pen - as I get more into creating new looks, I've also been making more mistakes, so this is likely to come in rather handy! This is apparently even good at getting rid of waterproof mascara!

 7) Compeed Blister Patch - I have one of these that I haven't tried out at, but I do think that this sounds like a great product. I would like to say that I can't wait to give it a go, but that would mean getting a blister - yeowch!

 That's a wrap! A box worth about $41.62. What did you get in your box this month? Are you happy with the new packaging?


  1. I unsubscribed from BB, just by looking around, I haven't been too impressed with BB for the last few months. They definitely need to re-think their packaging! But I do like the lip crayon colour you got!

    1. I think they've certainly had stronger boxes. While I did like the colour I got, I thought the packaging wasn't too much to write home about.

  2. I woke up still unhappy with this box! It has no redeeming qualities.

  3. love the new pink blog :) BB seems to have disappointed a lot of people this month, I unsubbed last month... you must be one of very few who didn't complaining about their lip crayon thingy being broken...

    1. Thanks! It looks neater. :) I saw all those posts!


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