Priceline and Target hauls: Face of Australia and Essence

Hello, all of you gorgeous creatures! This has been quite the week for friends! A wonderful previous co-worker who is currently filling in for Miss Strictly Vegan, Miss Really Kind, is staying at my place, and it's so fantastic that she is here. She's just a joy to have back! I also got the chance to meet up with Mrs Seriously Good Friend recently, and she bought me a little present after I expressed my lust for it, which is featured in this post.

Last, but certainly not least, Miss SC, who lives here on the internet, is came down to Sydney to celebrate her birthday in style - at the High Tea Party, which is a yearly event that was held at the Hilton this weekend!

Enough rambling, here are some new goodies to lust after this week - say hello to two new collections that have hit our shores! I managed to grab a picture of one while out and about, but in my excitement over the FOA polishes, I neglected to take a shot, sorry!

Meet New in Town by Essence, and Carnivale by Face of Australia! Here's a quick run through of the collections and what they consist  of:
1) Essence New in Town
- Metal Glam Eyeshadow in Frosted Apple, Coffee Glow, Sparkle All Night, N'ice Frosting
- Crystal Eyeliner in Twinkly Starlight and Black Star
- Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara
- Long Lasting Lipstick in Dare to be Nude, Natural Beauty, Wear Berries!
- Silky Touch Blush in Life's a Cherry
- Colour and Go Nail Polish in Sparkling Water Lily, English Rose, Crazy Fancy Love and Here's My Number
2) FOA Carnivale Nail Polishes - for more information and swatches, check this out
- My Island Home
- Bird of Paradise
- Summer Lovin'
- Mango Slurpee
- Midnight Fireworks
- Between the Flags
- Masquerade
- Ferris Wheel
What's brilliant about this Carnivale LE collection is that the polishes are textured, which is a lot like the Liquid Sand stuff from OPI - and some of them are gorgeous and super glittery looking!

I got Between the Flags froom FOA and Frosted Apple and Here's my Number from Essence.

Here's what Between the Flags looks like on the nails with 3 layers. Speaking of 3, this is also the big 3 free!

Is there anything from the collections that you're lemming? Which ones would you buy?


  1. How cute is their display! Also how cute are your hands!!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes, I think I have man hands. :) I love Essence displays - I always feel like buying something from them!

  2. I ended up with the entire FOA polish collection as I just fell in love with all the colours! I also ended up with half the Essence collection too hehe! xx

    1. Haha! But it's so affordable, how could you not?


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