Review: Glam by Manicare Precision Eye and Brow Duos

New brushes are almost like a forbidden excitement, I feel. And the thing is, I think I write in a similar way every time I talk about new brushes, which only goes to show that my love for brand new brushes is strong and unabiding.

I've been testing out the new and gorgeous brushes from Glam by Manicare, the Precision Brow Duo and the Precision Eye Duo, and I can't seem to stop picking the brushes up!

The Precision Brow Duo comprises of the Slanted End Brush and their Spoolie Brush.The Slanted End Brush is relatively firm, and gets quite a lot of brow powder onto the skin. I love that the slanted brush can actually help define the brows really nicely, giving me a sharp, tapered tail, and that the spoolie aids in giving it a bit more of a faded, less marker-esque look. My pet peeve when it comes to slanted brushes for brow powders is that they are sometimes too soft, and it simply doesn't work as well for creating a defined and dark set of brows.

The Precision Eye Duo is made up of the All Over Shadow Brush and the Precision Crease Brush. It's probably unnecessary to point out that in order to create a smooth and cohesive eyeshadow look, you obviously need more than a pair of brushes. Rather, these are good additions for those looking to branch out and get a wider collection of brushes for more varied looks. I like that the All Over Shadow Brush picks up quite a bit of powder, but doesn't go over the top - great for those with little lids like me. I also really like that the Precision Crease Brush works well for adding just a bit of a matte eyeshadow in order to create the illusion of a deeper crease.

These duos retail for $22.95 per set, and they are available now! I'm a huge fan of Glam by Manicare brushes, and I would highly recommend these kits. If you're looking for face brushes, make sure you hit me up for recommendations!

*These products were provided for editorial consideration