Review: EXYRA Eyewear - Anti-Ageing Blue Screen Protection

There are lots of things about living in the modern world that I love, but like everything in life, there's always a price to pay to get the things that we want. I'm a big fan of being on the internet, whether it's writing my blog or online shopping, there's always something to do. While I'm occupied on the computer, there's usually a tv programme on in the background to keep me stimulated. Have I mentioned that in the midst of this, I'm also on my phone intermittently, playing games and keeping up with social media?

When you truly consider it, there's a lot of blue screen exposure in your life and I would say that it has been be of very little wonder that we are seeing more and more issues with people who receive a lot of blue screen time. An overload of screen time could result in eye problems, headaches and poor sleeping patterns, which could all obviously have knock on effects when it comes to your performance in life.

Let's not forget that blue light exposure can also cause oxidative stress on the skin, resulting in damage caused by free radicals. Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can all result from your regular jaunts with your phone and screens - are you scared yet?

There are two ways to tackle this issue - either you look to reduce your screen time (not likely, when it comes to me), or you could try and deal with it actively by using a shield, such as blue screen glasses. EXYRA eyewear is made using  photochromic dye, which means that it absorbs and blocks high frequency blue light wavelengths between 400 nm to 500 nm from entering the retina and damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. The glasses also protect from UVA and UVB damage by the sun, which would be handy in a well lit room during the day.

I have noticed that my eyes feel a little less tired and a little more focused with regular use. With continued use, I feel like there's been less dryness and irritation to my eyes as well. Additionally, while I'm a regular spectacle wearer at home, I don't tend to have them on me at work, as I wear contacts daily, so these have been helpful. I love the way these glasses, Kirra in tortoiseshell, look on me too, which is definitely an added bonus.

If you're interested in picking up a pair and trying them for yourself, you can pick one up over here. These retail for $98 each, and depending on your prescription, you might be able to grab one with your prescription too! For 15% off, you can use the code 'temporaryprincess' at checkout - it's not an affiliate code, just a discount so that you can try these babies out!

Have you considered blue screen viewing to be problematic? What measures do you take to help prevent damage to your skin and eyes?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration