Review: BYBI Beauty Smooth and Soothe Scrub

BYBI Beauty has slowly snuck into my skincare routine, and I have to say - this has been such a positive move! I have been using the Smooth and Soothe Scrub, and there are a few thoughts about this, so I'm going to share them with you today!

Ok, so for those who aren't in the know, while the packaging of this particular scrub looks extremely plasticky, I think it would please you to find out that they are sugarcane derived bioplastic tubes. What does that actually mean in plain terms? These tubes are therefore both recyclable, and industrially compostable. A great move for a more sustainable world!

The BYBI Beauty Smooth and Soothe Scrub is dual exfoliator, which means that it uses both physical and chemical exfoliation to achieve results. The physical exfoliant is made up of little jojoba beads that help to gently remove dead skin as you massage it into the skin, while the chemical exfoliant comprises of fruit acids from apple, line and pineapple. The fruit acids help to breakdown the bonds between the dead cells, getting rid of the old, and allowing space for the new

This comes in a tube with a screw cap, and the product itself has quite a thick consistency. Mix in a little bit of a water to get it to a smoother paste, then massage it over the skin in rotational strokes gently before washing it off. It leaves me skin feeling smoother, and soft, and the addition of marshmallow extract helps with reducing inflammation of the skin. This cruelty free, vegan friendly product is also made of naturally derived ingredients, which you'd imagine to be the case, considering what the packaging is made of! However, you might not expect this to only retail for $38 - not a big price to pay for helping out the animals, and Mother Earth!

You can find it over here, and I think it's gorgeous! Another winner from BYBI Beauty, and one I'm happy to recommend.

What's your favourite BYBI Beauty product? Do you seek out sustainable packaging?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration