Review: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip Double Crush Limited Edition

I know that y'all have heard about the Crushed Liquid Lip by Bobbi Brown before, and I've talked about it on Instagram, but this time, I just have to discuss it on the blog, because they have now released some limited edition shades!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip, this stuff is both pigmented, glossy, and doesn't, I repeat, doesn't feel sticky. An urban legend? Definitely not - this liquid lip paint is legit!

Developed with some beauty influencers and their BFFs, you'll notice that there are some cohesive shades that complement each other while still expressing their individual styles. There is full coverage, bold colour payoff on the lips, with a glossy finish that also plumps up the look of your lips.

I have found these to create a bit of staining on the lips, so even after you've eaten away most of it, there will still be some colour left behind. I was lucky enough to receive Hush Hush (@samanthamariaofficial) and Yoos Red (@yoo.xx), with Hush Hush being a vampy mauve, while Yoos Red is a bright and effervescent coral red. The other colours include:
  1. West Coast Bae (created by @tenipanosian)
  2. East Coast Slay (created by @makeupbydenise)
  3. Ambre (created by @tashaggreen)
  4. So Dasha (created by @dayeshka)

I cannot express enough just how much I like the finish for these Crushed Liquid Lip colours, but I can say that I really like how non-sticky the formula is, and that the gloss is beautiful and suitable for everyday wear. These retail for $40 each, and can be found online over here.

Have you tried the Crush Liquid Lip? Would you try them?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration