Review: Tarte Face Tape Foundation and Shape Tape Concealer

Welcome to Shape Tape Nation! I was recently taken as a plus one to one of my favourite events of the year so far, and I had the best time! Aside from all the installations they had at the event, we got to try out some of their new makeup, and I have been using the Face Tape Foundation ever since to get the most out of it, so that I could write this up - et voila!

I'm sure you've heard a lot of rumblings about it, so let me fill in the blanks for you on what they are and why you should be trying them! 

Firstly, the concealer has absolute cult status, and is so popular that it commanded it's own spin off - the foundation! I was so curious about the concealer that I actually bought one back in December, and I picked Light/Medium for my skintone. Being shockingly bad with colour matching, I was very gratified to learn that I actually managed to pick the right one for myself! 

The concealer retails for $37 and can be found in a staggering number of shades - thirty, to be precise - and this is a relatively fat, and generously sized, tube. Speaking of fat, the doe foot applicator on this baby is HUGE. For finer control of the product over the brows and lips, I'd definitely recommend using a concealer brush for this. The applicator, however, is fabulous for my favourite area for concealer - under the eyes. 

Blending is easy peasy - a few dabs with the sponge, or brush, and I'm done. I love how flawless this looks once it's blended out, and how well it wears on my skin throughout the day. It's creamy, and provides excellent coverage. All in all, a concealer that's definitely worth paying for, and one I'd gladly have a spare to hold on to for when I run out.

Now, onto the Face Tape Foundation! Outdoing the concealer by a whole other 20 shades - you read that right - this foundation range is insanely inclusive, and that is just so wonderful! That is a total of 50 shades with 5 undertones! I do love that this comes in packaging that looks cohesive to the one for the concealer, and that this comes with a very decent pump.

Now, this foundation is relatively thick, and I do have to work this a little bit, but once I smooth and blend it out, it's all cruisey! This provides full coverage and does have a matte finish, but I tend to mix a liquid illuminator into the foundation in order to get my base to have a bit of a glow before I start on the rest of my face. I really like how well the foundation sits, and I don't get creasing or pancake face with this.

The Face Tape Foundation is quite long wearing, and I can take it easily from day to night,. I also really like that it doesn't rub off onto my white coat, which is always appreciated by the other people I work with!

While this hasn't hit the stores here in Australia just yet, I'm looking forward to when it turns up, because I know lots of babes who will be really excited about them when they come to our shores! These will be available in Sephora, with the concealer already in stores. 

Have you tried the Shape Tape Concealer yet? Do you find  that you struggle to get the right shade of foundation?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration