Review: BYBI Beauty Mega Mist

What do you think of when I mention the words sustainable, vegan beauty? Would you imagine that the packaging would be fun, bubbly, colourful with pastel shades? Does your mind go straight to indie brands that can only be sought out in health food stores or online retailers? Finally, as far as prices go, would you imagine this to be a mid-range, affordable brand? 

Somehow, BYBI Beauty managed to create a line that doesn't just look fun and shelfie-appropriate, but still embodies the ethos that they want imbued into the collection. I, for one, am head over heels for the design, and after trying it out, I'm also nuts about the Mega Mist!

Firstly, let's have a chat about BYBI Beauty! They are a skincare brand from the UK that focuses on including high quality ingredients into their vegan and cruelty free line, and the creators of the brand are absolutely charming. BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders, and it's a labour of love that snowballed from when they started their platform, Clean Beauty Co. From there, the two babes behind the brand went from strength to strength, publishing a book of skincare recipes, and started BYBI, which is stocked in Urban Outfitters, Beauty Bay and ASOS. We are so lucky to have them hit our shores here, and end up at Sephora!

At a recent event I attended to meet the makers behind the brand, one of the founders talked about Mega Mist being her favourite product, and given that I was in need of a new spray, I wanted to give it a go, I love that it comes in this heavy glass bottle, which is red and reminds me of candy. This spray includes hyaluronic acid as part of the ingredients, aside from rose flower water, bitter orange flower water and lemon balm flower/stem/leaf water. The pump delivers a spray that is between a mist and a slightly harder hitting spritz, and this has a light, semi-rosy scent to it. I really enjoy how moisturising this spray actually is - it's also quite refreshing during the warmer days as a bit of a skin pick me up.

The brains behind the beauty have really done their work in terms of getting the packaging they want, the ingredients that they need and lined it up in such a way that they are happy with their products. With the most expensive product in the range priced at $50, this is ethical beauty that won't break the bank. I mean, when was the last time you heard about tubes of skincare where the packaging is a sugar cane derivative that's both recyclable and bio plastic that is degradable? Amazing!

There is a lot more I can say about BYBI, but suffice to say, I'm pretty pleased with my introduction to the brand, and I'm really excited to try out more from them! Overall, I'm very impressed with the amount of work they've poured into their brand and I have to say, it really shows.

Have you heard of BYBI Beauty before? Would you be keen to try their Mega Mist?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration