Review: Breeze Balm in Grape Sorbet

What is the one product you'd find in just about any woman's bag? A lip balm! Do you know what's as good as a lip balm, but also has other uses? A multipurpose balm! As such, it's always fun to try new (lip) balms, because I always need them, and I always lose them/misplace them/manage to send them to Narnia.
Breeze Balm is a brand that is totally new to me, and for an introduction to the brand, spoiler alert, I'm really liking them!

Created by New Zealander, Sammy Leo, this line of balms comes from a recipe whipped up by her family back in the fifties. I love when families come together, and there's a story behind the beauty product that I'm using - makes it a real labour of love!

There are 7 'flavours' in total, with one of them being a limited edition balm. I was given the chance to pick my own, and out of all of them, I couldn't go past Grape Sorbet, because, well, grape is awesome! Aside from Grape Sorbet, there's also:
  • Bananas for you
  • Candy kiss
  • Perfect pout
  • Hero
  • Coconut smooch
  • Pineapple flash

This has a simple and efficient packaging - it comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted applicator, making it easy to get the product out and smooth over the lips. I love that the balm itself feels like it sinks into the lips, and that my lips end up wonderfully moisturised. This also has the added bonus of smelling like grape bubblegum, but disappointingly, doesn't taste anything like it. It doesn't make my skin feel too slippery or sticky - instead, it's like a huge concentrated hit of moisture in one area. This balm contains lanolin, and it works really well on me.

They retail for $19.95 each, which will get you 15g of cruelty free product, and you can find them all over here.

What's your favourite multipurpose balm? Would you try this?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration