Review: Sukin Pink Clay Facial Masque

I feel like I have to apologise - I have honestly really let everyone down by not doing more mask reviews. I mean, masks are one of my favourite things, right? So why the hell am I not talking about them more often? I think it's simply a time thing, unfortunately, but I promise I'll be better at it over time!

With that in mind, let's dive into one of the latest masks from Sukin!

I'm a huge fan of clay masques, and so, I always have really high expectations of clay masques. The Sukin Pink Clay Facial Masque comes in a jar with a screw top lid, which is quite standard, and this has a thick consistency, making it easy to scoop out of the container.

The masque itself is pink, hence the name, I imagine, and it spreads over the skin really nicely. This takes the relatively standard 15 minutes on the skin, where you can either multitask, while you mask, or just lie down and take it easy. Once the time is up, all you have to do is rinse it off. I feel like this semi-dries down on my skin, and doesn't get to the point where it's so dry that my face stays frozen.

In terms of ingredients, pink clay is the major component, and there are other things, like chamomile flower extract, vitamin E and Tasmanian pepper extract. This is suitable for normal to sensitive skin types, and this is meant to help extract impurities from the skin while protecting against environmental pollutants. 

This doesn't cause my skin to tingle as I wear it, which does make me think that it's appropriate for those with sensitive skin. Once rinsed off, my skin feels smoother, and my nose pores also seem to be a little less prominent. 

While this is an enjoyable mask, I feel like this is more of a maintenance mask, rather than a treat yo self  mask. It's a good one for when I'm back from the gym and trying to get my stuff sorted out and I just want to get my skin sorted while I'm doing things.

This retails for $16.95, which will get you 100 ml of product. You can find out more about it over here.

What's your favourite Sukin product? What have you tried from Sukin?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration