Review: Skin Physics Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Masque

I sometimes feel like I have so many jars, tubes and bottles of stuff to get through, of things that were sent to me, and others that I've purchased, that I lose track of what I have bought and what I've been given. That said, I'm pretty confident that I've actually been using quite a few things that I've paid for lately, and this is one that I did fork over money for, thanks to one of Priceline's many incentivised times to buy, and one that I would definitely spend money on again.

The Oxygen-C Overnight Restoring Masque, which is also known as the Restoring Contour Treatment Cream, is the latest night cream I've been using.

This comes in a frosted jar with a silver screw top lid, and with an RRP of $79, this will get you 50 ml of product. I love that this has a light texture, even though it's a cream, and it doesn't sit around on the skin. Instead, while it has a relatively solid cream texture, this is easily spread over the skin, and it gets absorbed quickly, to the point where it doesn't feel like there's much on the face when you touch it. 

I use this on both the face and the neck at night. This is meant to help support the skin's natural night time repair process, and assist in retaining moisture, firmness, elasticity and tone, with all these coming together to help with maintaining a youthful-looking complexion. It's also supposed to give you a more lifted and defined contoured appearance of the face and neck.

This contains a whole slew of exciting ingredients, including wild indigo, which is meant to battle cortisol-related signs of skin stress, and meant to encourage the skin to produce it's own natural calming peptides for happier skin. There is kakadu plum, which I feel like we all know has the highest source of natural vitamin C, and this brightens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Sandalwood night oil, which has been sustainably harvested, has a unique fatty acid, and it both calms and improves the quality of skin to create a smoother and more lifted skin appearance. 

There is an amino acid detoxifying complex that's supposed to have defensive and restorative effect. This is meant to maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity by defending against premature ageing of skin proteins, while recovering skin firmness and elasticity form loss due to an overload of sugar in the diet. The use of three Aboriginal fruit extracts steeped in natural antioxidants will help to nourish while moisturising the skin, and there are also collagen lifting and contouring benefits from a South African aloe-like plant, the Blubine Frutescens. 

Results wise, I actually feel like this has been really good for my neck. While I don't feel anymore contoured than I once was, I do think that this has been keeping my skin looking smooth and relatively youthful. I do also think that this adds to my skin looking a bit brighter in the day, which, as we all know when it comes to me, is one of my favourite things!

If you're looking for it online, you can find it over here.

What have you tried from Skin Physics? What's the one problem area that you want to focus on?