Review: L'Oreal Paris Sugar Scrub in Glow Scrub

Would you believe that this is my second tub of scrub, and I'm only just writing about this now? The two things of note would be that:
  1. It's clearly worth using, if I'm on my second jar
  2. I'm obviously a lazy little so-and-so
Released last year, the L'Oreal Sugar Scrubs made a bit of a splash when they came out - with three different types targeting a range of issues, and looking just about edible, these scrubs became quite popular and they were everywhere on social media.

The Glow Scrub, which I've been busy finishing, and I'm halfway through my second tub already, is meant for those looking to have brighter, more radiant skin. In other words, this practically has my name stamped all over it!

It comes in a clear jar with a gold cap, and this unscrews easily. My only complaint is that this has just 50 ml of product in it, which means that this can be finished very quickly. The product itself is relatively gritty, given that there are three fine sugars in it, as well as grape seed oil, mono oil and acai powder. It's quite thick, and easy to scoop out of the container, but also spreads beautifully over the skin and takes very little effort to massage it into my face.

I can't speak for the extra radiance, but I do like that it melts away, and also buffs off dead skin, leaving softer, smoother skin. No plastic microbeads for me! This retails for $19.95 and can be found at a variety of different outlets, including Priceline.

Which one of the scrubs have you tried before? Which one would you try next?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration