New Release: Puma x Maybelline Collection

I love makeup collaborations - it's definitely one of my favourite things when it comes to what really refreshes my point of view about a brand. I love when brands work together with someone, whether it's an influencer, or celebrity, or another brand. It's really interesting to see what they come up with, and one of the most surprising and exciting limited edition collaborations I've seen recently is definitely this - Maybelline x Puma!
I was so excited when I received the packaged, I squealed - I mean, Maybelline makes one of my favourite drug store, no, all time, lip products, and now they have worked with one of the trendiest sneaker (and of course, sports wear) brands around? Sign me up and take my money!

Apparently inspired by fashion seen on the streets of New York, the Puma x Maybelline girl is one that is fearless, adventurous and creative. They have come up with a total of 12 products, including:
  • SuperStay Matte Inks - Epic, Fearless, Unapologetic, Unstoppable, Fierce
  • Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Sticks - Warrior/Flow, Discipline/Pulse, Heat/Flash, Goals/Courage
  • Chrome Highlighter
  • Colour + Gloss Face Duo Stick
  • Smudge Resistant Mascara

The SuperStay Matte Inks are as amazing as the original ones, with Epic fast becoming my new staple (sorry old shades, but this baby is gorgeous!), and the Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Sticks are becoming a post work goodie for touch ups before heading off to events. I will admit to being a little lost and intimidated by the Colour + Gloss Face Duo Stick - you're meant to pop the darker side on for a bit of colour, then swipe on the other side for a bit of a glossy/dewy finish. So far, I've managed to smush the top of it, but I've gotten better at using it!

My favourite bit, aside from the lippies, is clearly the highlighter - I mean, how can it possibly be anything else? The shine, the glow - just stunning! Aside from the quality of products, which is what you'd expect from Maybelline, they also have the cutest Puma logo on the packaging. Talk about having a strong makeup game, while being strong, for the girls on the go!

2019 is off to a good start already, if this Puma x Maybelline collaboration is anything to go by! What's your favourite thing from the collection? Which is your absolute all time favourite collaboration?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration