Sealed Section For Adults: Je Joue Mimi Review

Let's talk about sex, baby! I know that this topic comes up every now and then, but I remain a firm believer that a happy sex life is linked to a healthy mind. With that in mind, let's have a chat about what new device has me smiling!

In French, the words Je Joue literally translates to I Play, and that is exactly what this little personal massager makes possible for one person. The entire device, starting from the packaging, really does embody the feeling of a treat. The box itself has a deliciously silky finish, and is purple with petals as the background, building anticipation for what is to be revealed.

Inside the box is a pastel purple oval shaped little device that could look fairly innocuous if found lying around. This does come in 4 different colours, and there's something quite almost cute about the one I have. In all honesty, it doesn't look like anymore of a personal massager than what I use to clean my face with, which makes it a far more desirable tool to have than other models of something similar if you're still at home with your parents (always a cringeworthy moment!), or if you're simply more private about achieving a state of pleasure.

The functions are simple - hold the + button to turn it on, and to switch it off, it's just by pressing the  - button. The + and - buttons also allow you to increase and decrease the speeds respectively, while the button in the middle changes the rhythm of the pulsations according to what you'd like. The other really clever thing that I like about this is that this doesn't require batteries - instead, the charger is magnetised and all you need is a USB outlet. I mean, it's magnetised! How cool is that?

As for the device itself, well, how amazing is it? Let's just put it this way - it's effective, efficient and energizing. This gets me from zero to wow in a matter of minutes, and it's definitely worth the dough! The vibrations are incredible! It's certainly been a very fun trial, I won't lie! For more information on Je Joue, as well as to find out about their other products, head to Minxxx.

How much do you discuss with your girlfriends? Do you wish you could talk about sex more openly?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration