Review: Blessed By Nature Multi Effect Tinted Moisturiser

Well, hello there, my old friend! By that, I mean tinted moisturiser, not Blessed by Nature, because this is a brand that is totally new to me! However, not that new, because if you've been following me on Instagram, then you would have noticed by now that I actually have been using this little baby as my base, and actually really loving it!

Let's have a bit of a chat about Blessed by Nature - where did they come from, and what exactly do they make? They are a great Australian brand, sourcing their ingredients locally from sustainable sources, using recyclable packaging and they are also cruelty free! They make skincare, and while tinted moisturiser does fall into the skincare/makeup overlap on a venn diagram, I'm really keen to see if they will actually bring out anything else more makeup oriented - perhaps that something for them to really consider!

The packaging is pretty similar across the board for the range. The label is cream, with their symbol on it, as well as a different plant on each one. The tinted moisturiser contains macadamia, aloe vera, jojoba, vitamin E and kakadu plum - all combined to give a radiant glow to the skin, while providing moisture and antioxidants against daily environmental stresses. It comes in a 60 ml flip lid tube, and I find that this provides nice, sheer coverage, which is perfect for me. It does say that it's meant to be buildable, but I haven't had the need to do that with this. It also states that there is some sunscreen in it, but there's no mention of the SPF level, so I would still recommend using your usual sunscreen with this.

I initially assumed that it would be too pink for me, when I first got it out of the tube, but I was wrong, and once I had it on the skin, it actually looked warmer than I'd thought. This wears well on the face when powdered down, and has lasted me at least 10 hours on more than one occasion.  

I't's definitely been a nice surprise to find that this actually suits my skintone this well - let's face it, when some tinted moisturisers go from light/medium to medium/dark, it's really not as much of a one size fits all as we'd like for it to be!

If you don't think you'd be a creamy beige like me, then you might one of the other two shades that are available! It also comes in Golden Natural and Golden Beige. These retail for $13.95 each, and you can pick them up at Priceline. Make sure that you hit up their website for more information!

What have you tried from Blessed by Nature, and what skincare brands would you like to see makeup from?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration