Review: Designer Brands Matte Velvet Foundation and Precious Metal Lip Creams

Designer Brands - I can't not like you! There's just so much that you come out with that I adore, and their latest foundation and lip creams are just one of the few things that I'm crazy about!

Now, you know that I'm not really into a matte finish, as I often feel like they give me quite a 2D, flat kind of look, but this works incredibly well on my skin, and I can even vary the finish.

This comes in a frosted bottle with a pump that gets out enough product for 1/2 a face each time, topped off with a black cap. I find that this has a medium coverage, which is sufficient for me (I tend to reach for sheer coverage products), and I hear that this is meant to be buildable, but I haven't had the need to try that out yet. 

This wears well without getting dry (or more than what you'd expect in the Winter after a long day at work), and you can combat the matte-ness of the foundation with illuminators mixed into the foundation, or a dewy primer. That said, this is one of the few matte foundations I've tried so far that I'm actually quite happy with without having to try and dew it up. The finish is more like a satin/matte, rather than a flat matte, and I have definitely reached for this on quite a few occasions! These retail for $16.99 (hello, affordable!), and comes in 6 shades. The foundation also has shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin C and E, and a peptide infusion to plump and firm the complexion - how good does that sound? You can buy it online here.

Speaking of affordable products, their Limited Edition Precious Metal Lip Creams are just beautiful! If you're into a metallic finish that is opaque, dries down and stays on the lips, then this will be what you need on your face! They come in four different shades, and they are shiny, and they wear really well on the lips. The stain, though... absolutely love it! I've been going nuts for Red Handed, and I really adore this shade - it's Winter friendly, and brings the focus to one of my favourite parts of me!

Milky Way; Night Orchid; Red Handed; Galaxy Gold

All the shades are vibrant and pretty, and you can find more information about them over here. They retail for just $9.99 each! 

What's your favourite Designer Brand product? Are you a metallic, gloss or matte girl?

*These products were provided for editorial consideration