Support A Cause: Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge x Kiva

More and more, I'm starting to see a pattern of women supporting women, and that really warms my heart. As someone who has received a helping hand when I needed it the most, it's incredibly huge to me that we do our best to show support to those who could really benefit from it.

As such, I'm so happy to be talking about Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and their campaign for a second year in a row. I have discussed this initiative in the past, and this year, on the blog, I want to talk more about it! 

The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women and Girls has worked with a number of different campaigns through the years, and has chosen to continue their good work with the international non profit, Kiva, in 2018. Kiva has so far helped more than 2 million women in a total of 82 countries secure microloans to let them get started on a small business or pursue an education.

How does Kiva work? It's really an online lending platform allowing lots of people to lend as little as $25 to create these opportunities and the loans basically get recycled in a clever system, where lenders can choose to keep it within Kiva to help another person out, or to get the money back. So really, you can lose up to... nothing. The $25, or however much you choose to laon, will likely eventually be repaid and be reused, or end up back with you. I said it was clever!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is once again matching loans - for every contribution that an individual makes to the sponsored projects, up to the tune of $300k. They are raising awareness to this initiative by introducing a new shade of their iconic Pot Rouge. You can do your part by heading to Kiva's website to support a campaign, or by purchasing one of these Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge at all Bobbi Brown counters, or online here.

What causes do you support? Is this the first time you're hearing about Kiva?

*This product was provided for editorial consideration